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Will Invisible Aligners Make My Teeth Loose?

Guest post by Ben Burris, DDS, MDS

It’s a common question. I frequently hear from concerned patients who notice their teeth are looser than normal during teeth straightening treatments. The truth is, when orthodontic treatment is working properly, your teeth will be loose to some degree or another.

This looseness is a perfectly normal side effect of moving teeth into new positions.

Everyone notices this looseness differently, and there’s no way to predict how it will feel to you. To some, it feels like their teeth are a little loose at the beginning of treatment. To others, teeth feel loose during the entire straightening process. Don’t worry, once teeth straightening is final, the looseness will gradually pass.

Knowing that teeth are looser during movement is a good reminder to wear your retainer once you complete treatment. If you don’t, your teeth may move right back where they came from!

As a licensed dental professional, it’s my job to coach you and help you know what treatment will be like. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask! The dentists and orthodontists who work with SmileDirectClub, and myself, are here to help.

Keep smiling!

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