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How Does SmileDirectClub Compare with Other Invisible Aligners?

These days, you’ve got lots of options for straightening your smile. Modern orthodontic technology has opened up a world of possibilities with invisible aligners. Discreet, removable and fast, invisible aligners are a great option for straightening mild to moderate problem areas. So, how do you choose between SmileDirectClub invisible aligners and other aligners?

Am I A Candidate?

Here are 7 reasons to straighten your teeth with SmileDirectClub invisible aligners:

1. SmileDirectClub invisible aligners are affordable.

SmileDirectClub straightens smiles for 60% less than other brands because you can straighten teeth remotely without monthly appointments. We not only help you clear your calendar; we cut unnecessary costs and pass the savings on to you.

2. Invisible aligners ship directly to you.

The SmileDirectClub process is done remotely, requiring no in-office dental visits. (Though we do encourage you to visit your dentist regularly to keep your smile fresh and clean!) Also, you’ll receive every aligner for your smile plan at one time, in one box so you can straighten your teeth in the privacy of your own home.

3. A licensed dental professional creates your smile plan and closely monitors your progress.

In fact, we’ve got a network of over 225 licensed dentists and orthodontists who make each customer’s custom smile plan. “At-home” doesn’t mean you’re doing it yourself.

4. Customer care agents are available 23 hours a day.

How many offices can say that? Whether you call, email, chat, text or message us on social media, our team of SmileExperts is standing by to help you throughout the day and night. In addition, we can connect you with a member of our clinical care team for your dental specific questions.

5. You’ve got two ways to get started: an at-home impression kit or a 3D scan.

Start your smile journey in the way that’s more convenient for you. Order an at-home impression kit to create impressions of your smile from the comfort of your home, or visit a SmileShop for help creating a 3D image of your smile. Either way, our dental professionals will generate a digital image that will show you exactly how your teeth will move month by month.

6. Attachments aren’t required to move teeth with SmileDirectClub invisible aligners.

Unlike some other brands, we trim our aligners straight across the top, not scalloped. Because of this, our aligners allow for optimal turning force to straighten your teeth without the need for attachments or buttons.

7. SmileDirectClub offers a money-back guarantee.

If the dentist or orthodontist assigned to your new smile determines our aligners aren’t a good fit for you, we’ll refund your total purchase price.

SmileDirectClub is the pioneer in doctor-directed at-home invisible aligners. Take the free, 30-second smile assessment. Then purchase your at-home impression kit or book a 3D scan to begin your smile journey.

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