How Straight Teeth Benefit Your Body

We know how a straighter, brighter smile makes us feel more confident and relaxed as we walk through life. Whether it’s a job interview, a red carpet career, or impressing the appreciative throng as you face your freshman biology students on their first day on campus, your big, broad, welcoming smile says you are sincere and worthy of their trust. But aside from aesthetics, you may not know that crooked teeth and a bad bite can cause some serious overall health issues.

Gum disease can spread

First of all, you can clean straight teeth more easily and cut down on gum infections. Recent research reported by the NIH has shown a link between periodontal disease and heart health and that the bacteria from unhealthy gums can spread and actually clog important arteries. It has also shown a link to respiratory disease, and diabetes, and that oral bacteria can lead to low birth weight and adverse outcomes for pregnant women.

Your bad bite may be a pain in your neck

People with bad bite can have more shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches, or muscle pain in the temples where the jaws meet near the ears. When the jaws are misaligned, people often have difficulty simply chewing and speaking comfortably. In the past 20 years, other reports have associated sinusitis and lower back pain to misaligned bite, as well.

Teeth straightening: You’re not too old

Occasionally people think a straighter smile is something you focus on in your younger years. Not so. As a leader in teledentistry, SmileDirectClub’s treatment is done at home, with oversight by a dental professional from the first step to completion of your straighter new smile. The good news? You will not be driving to office visits, and at 60% less than the cost of metal braces and other aligners, now is the time to treat yourself to many more years of great health.

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