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How to Make a Perfect Impression on Valentines Day

Studies show that one smile can generate the same level of brain stimulation as up to 2000 bars of chocolate. So, skip the calories this year and give your Valentine the gift of a seeing you with a beautiful new smile from SmileDirectClub.

If you have crooked teeth or spacing issues, invisible aligners—clear braces that straighten teeth at home without the expense of in-office dentistry—can help! They’re easy and so much more affordable than braces or any other invisible aligner options out there. The average cost for in-office treatment is $5000. But SmileDirectClub’s direct-to-customer service can give you invisible aligners for a single payment of $1850 or convenient monthly financing for a low $250 down payment and $80 a month for 24 months – no credit check or forms required.

Method Average Cost
Traditional Braces
In-Office Invisible Aligners
$1850 or $250 down and $80 a month

Maybe you already have a straight smile. In that case, a little whitening can brighten your smile this Valentine’s Day. Whiter teeth are proven to boost your confidence on a date, at work, or in social situations. But teeth are made of enamel, which is porous. When you eat, drink or smoke, staining agents penetrate your teeth, dulling a beautiful white smile. Teeth whitening helps lift those stains away. While there are plenty of whitening options out there, if you purchase invisible aligners through SmileDirectClub, we’ll include a 3-month supply of free whitening!

Are you a good candidate for invisible aligners? It’s easy to find out! Start with a free Smile Assessment today!

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