how to register your new smile kit macys

How to register your new smile kit

Everything you need to know to register your new smile kit from Macy’s. 

Registering your new smile kit is the first step to a straighter smile after purchasing your kit from Macy’s. This is how we connect you to a duly licensed dentist or orthodontist to oversee your new smile – no appointments necessary.  

Plus, you’ll get a full refund for your new smile kit if the doctor overseeing your case determines aligners are not a good fit for you.

Here’s what’s included in your Macy’s-exclusive new smile kit. 

  • New smile guide 
  • Registration card 
  • 3 sizes of impression trays 
  • Smile Stretcher 
  • Lip balm 
  • bright on™ premium teeth whitening gel 

Ready to start straightening?  

How to Register Your New Smile Kit

1. Pick your tray size.

2. Visit

3. Upload your photos.

1. Pick your tray size.

There are 3 tray sizes included in your new smile kit: small, medium, and large. Try each one on for size. For the perfect fit, teeth should sit in the middle of the tray and cover up to 2 molars. 

2. Visit

Enter your email address and the unique code found on the registration card inside your kit. Submit your tray size. 

3. Upload your photos.

Smile for the camera! Using your Smile Stretcher, you’ll take and upload 3 photos of your teeth: a closed-teeth bite, lower teeth, and upper teeth. Make sure you take the photos in a brightly lit room, like a bathroom, or near a window. Upload the photos to your customer portal. 

Now that we have your registration number, tray size, and photos, we’ll overnight impression materials to you. We’ll also send you a free LED accelerator light to use with your bright on and whiten teeth even faster. 

What’s the difference between the new smile kit and the impression kit?

The biggest difference between the new smile kit and our impression kit is that the new smile kit can be found exclusively in select Macy’s retail stores and on The new smile kit allows you to completely customize the experience by choosing your tray size and the amount of putty that fits your mouth the best. It’s the fastest way to get started, because you can begin by registering the same day you purchase the kit. Once you register, we’ll overnight the impression materials to you. 

The new smile kit also includes our cult-favorite lip balm and a sample of our bright on premium teeth whitening gel. After registering, you’ll also receive the LED accelerator light along with your impression materials. 

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