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5 Tricks to Drinking Wine and Protecting White Teeth

Hey, everyone wants (needs) a sip of vino every now then. Right? Of course! Now technically speaking, we shouldn’t do it. We don’t want to trap the sugars and acids of soda, sports drinks, coffee, fruit juice, or wine – red or white – anywhere on our teeth, and especially not behind our invisible aligners. Still, there are exceptions to every rule. Keep reading to learn a few ways you can raise a glass to National Drink Wine Day without having to worry about the health and discoloration of your tooth enamel (you know: the white part).

Drink White, Not Red

This is the most obvious tip. If red wine stains your dark clothes, it can most certainly stain your white teeth. Instead of grabbing for a bottle of Pinot Noir, go for your favorite brand of Pinot Grigio. There are tons of different options from which you can choose, and you’ll be able to enjoy National Drink Wine Day without worrying about teeth discoloration.

Brush After, and Before

I bet you didn’t know this one! Wine actually clings to plaque, not your actual teeth. Brushing plaque away decreases the chance of the acid and sugars reaching your teeth and contributing to a wine-stained smile.

Sip on Sparkling Water

Sipping on sparkling water between glasses of wine will help scrub away any temporary stains that have the potential to become permanent ones. This is because of the bubbles in the water that help break up the stains! And don’t even think about exchanging your sparkling water for sparkling wine, aka champagne. The water prevents not only discoloration but also dehydration. Dehydration? Read: hangovers.

Eat Cheese

The pairing of cheese and wine is part of traditional Western culture. However, most people are unaware that the cheeses served at wine bars are, historically speaking, there for a reason. Because our mouths are naturally acidic, we need to eat something basic, or something with a higher pH value, before adding fruit juice – fermented or not – into our mouths. Luckily for us, cheese is quite basic. In fact, the basic pH value of cheese is thought to protect your teeth for up to 30 minutes while you sip on that lovely glass of acidic wine. It’s a match made in heaven.

Use Whitening Gel

Even when you’re not drinking wine, whitening gel is an essential beauty hack. Like we mentioned, everything from soda to coffee threatens to stain your teeth. While many people brush their teeth daily, most people don’t brush their teeth following each and every glass of wine. We now include free whitening gel in every kit. We want you to have a straight and bright smile you love!

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