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3 things Shawn Mendes does before every show to feel more confident

Singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes let us in on what he does to get ready for his concerts.

How does global superstar Shawn Mendes gear up for performing in front of millions of people? Here are 3 things he does before every show to feel confident.

1. Practice.

Even Shawn Mendes has to practice to feel confident hitting the high notes on stage. “I do vocal warm-ups before every show, which helps me practice and reassure myself that I can hit the right notes.”

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2. Pump some music.

“I always like to play some music that gets my blood pumping and the energy going so that I’m amped up to get on stage.”

What song was on repeat during his last tour? “All Along the Watchtower” by Jimi Hendrix. “That really was THE pump-up song for me before shows,” Mendes says. “It really changes constantly, though, depending on what music is new at the time and that I’m loving.”

3. Project positivity.

Sometimes all you need for a boost of confidence before a big show are some positive words of encouragement or a smile. “I would say the smallest things make me feel most confident,” Mendes says. “It can be something positive that someone says, or reencourages me on.”

Shawn Mendes SmileDirectClub

A simple compliment or “you’ve got this” can go a long way. “That’s why I think it’s so important to always project positivity into the world and to be kind to people, as you never know how much a small gesture can really brighten someone else’s day.”

Shawn Mendes SmileDirectClub

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